Shannon is a Gem!

Shannon is a gem! I think of myself as picky and having very high standards – especially when it comes to customer service. Shannon was consistently friendly and upbeat, throughout our 14 month process of searching for our next home. She was never the least bit pushy or persuasive – she’s friendly, light-hearted and very professional. She was attentive to house attributes we liked, but didn’t question when we chose to check out something entirely different than our norm – she has an ability to flow with changes very well. We lost our first few bids – were surprised to discover people bidding 30-50% over ask – eek! It was stressful after our first year and our stress was noticeable, but she remained up-beat and encouraging – in service, but again, never pushy – reminding us to keep the faith – there’s always more homes coming on the market – the right one would come. Then we landed on a house we love! Got the keys last week 🙂 Yay! Thank you Shannon!

— Katrina - Buyer